60 Parsecs! very much remind you of the well-known game. And this is not surprising, because it is from the same creators. However, it is somewhat different from that one. For example, here you are helping not a simple family, but novice astronauts, whose station will be destroyed by nuclear weapons in a minute.

Before you evacuate, you must collect all the necessary items and crew members. After that, you become their leader, and now their lives depend on your decisions and actions.

Danger is at every turn, so play carefully. Send your comrades on expeditions to get new resources. You can also create your own items you need. And, of course, like any leader, keep an eye on the relationships in the ship, otherwise it is going to end badly.

Play it with pleasure, because you will hardly find anything more interesting than this. Gain various achievements during the whole process. Get to know these characters better, what are their strengths and weaknesses.

60 Parsecs!