60 seconds! Reatomized is an updated version of a fascinating and legendary one. This family has to survive the nuclear apocalypse again, but with new tasks and improved features. Are you ready for trials in which your only goal is to save unfortunate people?

Now there is an interesting game mode in which you are going to complete tasks and help these people escape from this wasteland. Also, their relationship has become more elaborate and realistic. Therefore, you begin to believe that they are not just soulless characters, but real relatives.

Graphics, sound, optimization, controls and much more have become much better and better. The achievements that you can get during the whole process motivate you to receive new actions. So do not be afraid to take risks and make unusual decisions, because there are so many incredible endings and events!

Decide what you want to accept with you to the bunker. May you have time to pick up your family members and all the necessary items in a minute? What their story is going to be, depends on you and your decisions. For example, after a disaster, you can only mine objects during dangerous expeditions.

You may definitely enjoy playing it, because it is an extremely unusual thing. It should show you how much responsibility you have for your life. That all those objects that surround you every day are necessary for your well-being.

You should recommend it to your bored friends. They should play it for a long time, wanting to know what happens next. Will they stay alive and well, or will they die by losing their mind?

60 Seconds! Reatomized Cheats