Meteor 60 Seconds is a simple, uncomplicated challenge that will amuse everyone. If you are in a bad mood or just bored, then you are welcome! Here, fans will travel to a bright and colorful area where they will learn about the terrible news. Although in normal life this would cause fear, this is fun!

What’s the point?

In the game, players will control heroes who decide to watch the news. Suddenly they made an announcement that a comet was flying towards the planet. All residents were gripped by panic and lack of understanding of what to do next. But you have many ideas of what to do before the explosion happens!

If you think that this will happen in a few days, then you are mistaken. The government has informed you that you only have one minute. Saving yourself is a stupid option, because it is impossible here. For this reason, relax and do what you were always afraid to do. There are many different ways to do things in Meteor 60 Seconds.

Come up with cool actions!

In this game, fans will be able to ride the subway, kiss passersby and much more. Don’t think it will be weird, be sure of it! Just imagine how you walk down the street and sit down on a bench where lovers are sitting. Send the guy away and make a sweet gesture to someone else’s girl!

Sometimes some of the characters will react violently and may start a fight. You have all the necessary buttons in Meteor 60 Seconds to respond to your opponent. Fight with them, and also use different objects to strike. Don’t forget to pick up some of them on the road! What dreams do you have?

Perhaps in this game you can implement them? Remember that time is short and you need to get everything done! This challenge has multiple endings, so check them all out! The further outcome of events will depend on every decision you make. There are only nine of them and each of them is unique. Enjoy!

Meteor 60 Seconds