The story of a family that is trying to survive during the apocalypse. That’s what 60 Seconds! is about, which has gained immense popularity for its idea. Your task in the game is to help the father of the household collect all the necessary items and family members before their peaceful life ends in a minute.

After that, the real challenge begins, because now you need to make sure that they do not die or go crazy. Share resources, solve difficult problems, send some of them on expeditions.

It is funny and creepy at the same time due to the atmosphere of desperation and survival. Here you will understand that your life must be valued and loved. It is also interesting, because every time you are going to find something new. For example, the house is constantly changing, or you decide to leave someone.

It will become one of your favorites as it is really fun to play. Get a huge number of achievements for your decisions. Get to know these unfortunates better and take care of them while you are playing.

60 Seconds!